The Surprising Facts About Joji: You’ll Love More Him

Since his arrival on the internet in 2006, Joji’s life has been full of surprises. He rose to prominence as a YouTuber who posted music and comedy-related video in the early stages of his career. A few years ago, he made a decision that he wanted to focus completely on the music and leave the YouTube world behind. 

Joji proved to be a really skilled artist, despite initial skepticism. Ballads 1, his debut album, debuted at number one on the Billboard R&B chart. Continue reading to learn the surprising facts about Joji.

The Surprising Facts About Joji: You'll Love More Him
The Surprising Facts About Joji: You’ll Love More Him

1. He can communicate in three languages

Joji had already led a relatively cosmopolitan life before the viral and music success. He is fluent in English and Japanese, as well as a little Spanish. He hasn’t said whether he plans to record music in any other language save English.

2. He Forgets To Eat Occasionally

Joji’s life has been a whirlwind in recent years, as you can surely understand. He successfully made the switch from YouTuber to the actual musician, and his calendar has been jam-packed ever since. He’s been so preoccupied that he admits to forgetting to eat on a regular basis.

3. He prefers to get up early in the morning

Creative people can be divided into two groups: those who work best in the morning and those who work best at night. Joji is one of the original members of the team. “When I get back into the swing of things, I’m a morning person–I feel like my mind is most busy in the morning,” he told Office Magazine. “In the mornings, I like to make some beats, not necessarily for myself, but for practice.”

4. He’s Made Attempts To Learn Instruments

Joji attempted to study the ukulele, piano, and guitar when he initially decided he wanted to compose music. He immediately recognized, however, that formal training was not for him. Despite the fact that his attempt at learning instruments failed, it did help him uncover his talent for “strange creatures.”

5. He has no desire to stop creating

Despite the fact that Joji has dabbled in a variety of fields throughout the years, he is genuinely a maker at heart. He knows that no matter what he’s doing, he wants to be collaborating with others and generating material to share with the rest of the world.

6. Lil Wayne was his inspiration

Every artist had a breakthrough moment when everything came together for them. That moment occurred for Joji after he heard Lil Wayne’s 2008 single “A Milli.” He was inspired by the music to learn how to use Garageband and try to duplicate the beat.

7. Filthy Frank was his previous name

If you’re not familiar with the current name Joji, you might recognize him as Filthy Frank, his prior moniker. He rose to notoriety in 2013 when he released “the original Harlem Shake” video on YouTube under the name Filthy Frank. After some of Joji’s newer admirers learned about his background as Filthy Frank, a Twitter campaign to “cancel” him became viral.

8. He’s had to deal with some serious health problems

Due to health challenges he’s had to deal with over the years, Joji has a special appreciation for life. He didn’t go into detail about his ailment, but he did say that his health issues had an influence on his daily life. In an interview with Clash Music, he remarked that he uses music to distract himself from what’s going on within his body.

9. He wishes to give back to the community

Joji wants to utilize his platform to do more than entertain people; he also wants to help them. “I’m looking into giving back,” he told Forbes. “Giving back” is such a cliched phrase. Being a good person… I’m always willing to lend a hand. I’m just going through the motions. I’ve been emphasizing the goal. But if I don’t get to literally save a lot of lives by the end of it, then what I’ve been doing here has been a complete waste of time.”

The Surprising Facts About Joji: You'll Love More Him
The Surprising Facts About Joji: You’ll Love More Him

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